Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Home and Fish update 

It seems that Houses and Fish is all I speak about these days... But it's EXCITING...
Anyway, I made an offer on the house yesterday. I'll know by 1pm tomorrow if the house is mine or not. I am so nervous! *deep Breath* I Barely slept last night. Too many things running through my head. How much money I need for a lawyer or the Inspection.... school stuff....

An update on the fish- I named the two cichlids finally. One is Kibbles and the other is Bits lol (Hey I think it's funny!). The Angel is still nameless. I have been tossing around Priss but that doesn't seem right either.

School is going really well. I had one of each class already and so far they all seem great. Latin looks like it might not be as "hard" as I thought, but it will take some work. I am already ahead of the reading in Monfasani's class, so things look good.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I just found a name for the guppy.... Houdini. The most famous escape artist ever :D Just though I would tell you all.

By the way, these are the fish I have:
Neon Red-tail Tetra (Also called Blue Mirror Red Tail) - Dash
Golden Angel Fish- No name yet, maybe Popcorn or princess
Black and Silver Angel Fish- Fuzzy
Pictus Catfish- Spaz
Yellow Fancy Tail Guppy- Feathers
Orange Fancy Tail Guppy- Houdini
Saulosi Chichlid - Kibbles
Saulosi Chichlid- Bits

I had another Red tail Tetra named Shadow and two Silver LyeTail Mollies- Tag and Nibbles, but they all died during the cycling of my first tank.

More fishes 

Yup, I got more fishes. In fact, I decided to start a second tank. I discovered that Dash (Neon Red-tail tetra) has a bit of a territory problem. He was the only one who survived the first cycle of my tank, but he wasn't letting my other fish eat. He got really agressive around feeding time and chased everyone else into corners. I didn't want my catfish or angels to go the way of the other fish, but I have grown a bit attached to Dash and didn't want to "Trade him in" as if he wasn't a living thing (Yeah I know- I am the worst fish owner ever). So I started a second 10 gallon tank. I put him in with two chiclids which are VERY aggressive fish. It's normally not wise to put a community fish (Tetra) with a chiclid and the agressive fish will proababley kill him. However- Dash is twice their size and seems so far to be holding his own. In fact he is chasing THEM all over the tank- which doesn't bode well for his survival ratio when they get bigger, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. I've named the smaller one Speedy, and the other one doesn't yet have a name, but I am thinking something along the lines of "snack".
This second tank is on the bottom of my stand, which is kitty eye-level. Babygirl has taken to sitting and laying by the tank just watching the fish. She'll get the butt wiggle occassionally and squeek. She also attacks the tanks- SWAT. Maybe I'll call the fish squeek- As he generally likes to tease her. I would call him lunch, but he's too small for that yet lol.
Seeing as I took Dash out of the top tank, I added two more fish- Fancy tailed Guppies. These things are REALLY pretty. Fancy Guppies They have these huge fan shaped feather like tails. One has a yellow tail and one orange. The orange one is a translucent blue color, and the yellow is a translucent yellow- they both look like a pearl with the shade of the blue/yellow. I've named the yellow one feathers and I wanted to name the orange one Monte (after the count of Monte Christo- the seller had a hell of a time catching him- he kept escaping from the net), but Monte just doesn't seem to stick. My yellow Angel is still unamed. I considered "popcorn" for a while as that's his coloring, but that's such a silly name.
So now I have 8 Fish. :D

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Well I think I found it. THE house. It's nice, a 2 bedroom manufactured home on 7 acres. It's a NICE piece of property and the neighbourhood isn't half bad.The kitchen is amazing- so many cabinets, and a great big bay window in the eating area- floor to ceiling windows. There is the possibility to build a larger house some time in the future back in the wooded area, and their is a nice patch up front where I could put a swimming pool if I truely wanted. Anyway, I am just wanting to talk it over with some people and than I may make an offer.... YAY

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Well I finally got the word from the bank. Jennie was approved. The intrest rate is not the best out there by far, but it sure isn't the worst either- just over 7%- how much over depending on weather I do a 30 year fixed or a 2 year fixed and re-finance. Very risky I know, so I am not sure which road to travel. The great news is that I got approved for more than I wanted to spend, which means I will have some flexibility in the type and location of home. The bad news is that they won't finance a manufactured home at this point- mainly because my credit is not the greatest and those type of loan programs banks are already wary of. So no custom home for Jennie. But that's ok I think. There are some nice places out there and if I am willing to drive some even NICER ones further out. So we will see.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Pricing Hell 

Well I just got back the first quote on the Pre-fab home I want..... 77,900 Not including land, foundations or hookups to the sewer or electric. GAH. Are they KIDDING? There are some double wides that start at 52K, But they just don't have certain features I am looking for- like a place to put the litter box. There are more quotes to go, so I suppose not all hope is lost, maybe I will have to go back to the drawing board and draw something a little smaller- which will help some.
I suppose I will have to base a lot of things on whatever intrest rate I get. At 7% I can spend almost 90K and be able to afford it on just the hospital job. *sigh* This is not going to be as easy as I had hoped.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Well I am finally done with the cycle on my fish tank. Which means that now I can put more fishes in YAY! Tomorrow is fish shopping day. I just have to get my phosphates down now so that I can keep the brown stuff off my tank.

On another note- Jon is here YAY

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Code Enforcer Update 

Well the code enforcer came and went and I feel a good deal better as well as a little bit worse. It turns out that my new landlord is public enemy number 1. He's been fined, in court and in jail many times due to code and tax violations. Aparently he's not allowed to rent to anyone any more because of back taxes he owes. Which means if I move out- the place stays empty. Anyway, the enforcer said that there is nothing he can do about the carpets (or lack thereof) unless they became a tripping hazard. In spite of the smell. He can make him fix my drains, replace my stove and get a pest controller (my house is infested with spiders). My stove it seems would normally be beyond code enforcement, however it is also my heart source for the back of the house.
So now my only fear is retaliation, him raising my rent or trying to evict me.


Today at 1pm the Code inspector will arrive at my house. I finally made an official complaint about my landlord, and hopefully this will force him to fix the many problems with the apartment. According to the office, unless I got a written release from my lease, it still stands. So hopefully I am safe from evicition or a rent increase. I was always willing to work with the landlords to help with the solution, but I am no longer going to be walked all over.
I had hoped so badly to buy something, so I could move out and on with my life, but FHA won't look at me til next year. So I have a year to save, put something aside. But that means biding my time where I am. I hope he doesn't retaliate and try to raise my rent or throw me out.


What scares me is how EASY it is to get personal information about people. I work in a hospital and all day we are constantly calling people to verify patient information on this or that specimen we recieved. I can call any doctors office and get the spelling of a name, birthdate, social, address, phone, insurance, almost anything I want. Do you know how EASY it would be to take someone's identity with all that??? I mean geezus, I have the birthday, social and address- what else do I need??? It bothers me a great deal that social security use is so prevalant here in the US. I can't register a new patient without it, insurance won't pay without it... I don't think it is right. I mean, there is such a problem with identity theft in this country, and yet our social- the key to our identity- is thrown around as some identifer- regardless of what it means.
Social Security numbers have no place in medicine. There should be some better way of tracking insurance then using the one thing I am meant to keep secret from everyone else.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Birthday Wishes 

Just in case I don't get to see you online or get a chane to call you- Happy Birthday Lyndall :D I hope it's a good one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Vroom Vroom 

So last night I used my new vacumme for the first time. I got a Dyson for my birthday (happy birthday to me!) - thanks to Mum and Dad for pitching in and helping me get it. I am really in love with this vacumme. It is almost silent it is so quiet, the cats don't mind in- they don't LIKE it much, but they don't go running away from it. I still have no flooring, and Jon's old vacumme used to just spit the stuff off the floor and back onto my legs, this one doesn't. My floor looks so good! I just need to mop it now. Everyone needs a Dyson.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Home Buying 

Well I talked to the bank today. The place where I sent it won't look at someone whose had a Bankrupcy within the last year. So no house for Jennie. This wasn't unexpected, but it's still a blow. I really want to move on with my life, and I am so sick of landlords.

Speaking of landlords- i must vent again. My landlord NEVER showed up last wednesday to fix my stove, nor the flooring. It's now almost 3 months since I moved in and I have yet to cook a home meal. It's VERY frustrating!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Plato is NOT the type of thing you want to come home and read after a long day. Gah, it takes soem brain power! I keep wanting to put it off, but I know if I don't read it now I will regret it later. I have to keep reminding myself of that fact!

In other news, I found my favorite fish dead when I came home from work yesterday. On his side on the bottom of the tank. I am so disapointed. This was the other silver lyetail Molly. The first one was the one that died in the begginng, but Nibbles had thrived. Loved to come say hello and was the only one who never seemed bothered by the cycle of the tank. The last couple of days I had to encourage him to come out and eat, so I guess the stress of the tank got to him, but I am sad that he went he was my favorite.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Too short 

It was another great weekend. It was far too short. J came down to spend it with me and we headed to Binghamton to watch a play by the boys and girls club down there (my family helped with the makeup and such) and then picked up some furniture. We drove home, and then after breakfast Sunday we headed out to a job site so J could look for boundry markers. We then went to dinner and just hung out. He left at 2am this morning so that he could get to work on time. I felt bad him having to get up so early, however it was so nice to have him in town and in my arms. *sigh* He'll be back again next weekend to work this job, so I am glad I yet again get to see him.


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