Sunday, June 27, 2010

Educating the Illiterate 

Juliet has decided she needs to read and educate the illiterate. First Goliath

Then my friend Kayleens cat:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Holy Tantrum Batman 

I can say that Juliet has officially had her first MAJOR tantrum. She got upset this morning over something- but I have NO idea what. She screamed, and I mean screamed, for an hour and 45 mins. And for once I am NOT exaggerating. My step father timed her. She ripped off clothes, rolled around on the floor kicking and hitting things, hit me and pushed me away when I tried to comfort her, yelled louder when I tried to talk to her, screeched if I tried to leave the room, turned blue around the lips and eyes, gasped for breath, and then screamed some more. Every so often a single word would come out "boo". So I tried to pick her up to nurse, and she'd twist out of my arms, push me away, flail as if I was trying to hurt her. She vomited twice (she has a cold, so crap kept gathering in her throat), and screamed some more. Finally, I took my shirt off, wrangled her into a positing where my nipple was near her mouth, and she latched on like a drowning person to a life raft. It still took her a while to settle down. I couldn't touch her in any way. I couldn't hold her or rock her or anything. Only the boob was acceptable. It took about 30 mins after the screaming stopped for her to be settled down.
Then I made the mistake of trying to take her out while she was napping (about 2 hours after end of meltdown). The car seats here suck (that is another thread) and she woke up in the car, angry that she was awake, angry at the position of the unfamiliar seats, and angrier at being forward facing... which lead to a second meltdown. She was so angry she wouldn't even let me unbuckle her from the car seat to take her out. Luckily, this one was shorter lived. Just the 10 mins it took us to turn the car around and get home, and she allowed me to nurse (but not touch) her back to sleep.
I really really really hope I don't have another one of these today!! I'm not sure my ears could handle it!!


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