Sunday, November 11, 2007


Why is it that the more sleep I get the more I seem to need? It's like a vicsous cycle that I can't seem to escape.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Updated House 

Well I have done so much work on my house that I figure I'll post updated Pics.

This is the Porch- Before and After:

My entryway hasn't changed much, except that Ana put up her Nutcrackers:

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I painted the wall behind my bookshelf in the Living, and got new Couches :)

The Spare bedroom was Pink (EW!) and is now Green and actually has furniture- sorry about the crabby shot- the kittens were interested in the camera string!

The Kitchen hasn't changed at all:

I didn't take of Ana's room because she was sleeeeping.

Here is the Back Porch Before and After:

Do you remember the story about the Closet??? In case you missed it:

First we cut a hole and found hardwood (the hole into the hardwood took hours!):

This is the picture we got when I stuck the camera inside the hardwood (thus the reason we still thought it was open space):

Then we found plaster:

Look- A Shoe!

Look- MORE Shoes!!!

This is the picture I got when I stuck my camera in that hole:

This is the hole in the wall we had created before we realized all those shoes were Ana's (How many shoes does one girl OWN???)(And that is Gary's head- no he's not grey- its the plaster dust I swear!)

This is now the finished product- Inside, Outside and In Ana's (now shortened) closet:

Seeing as we are headed in the direction of the basement, Here is the Basement before and After:

I created a "Wine" room out of that ugly washroom. This has to be one of my favorite spots in the house- even though it's not finished or full of wine yet:

Alright- lets head back to the Attic.

Here is the Before and After Shots- then I'll show you some details (the after picture was taken while standing next to that Chimney):

I have to share this picture just because it is funny- Baby Girl decided she wanted to help paint:

This is the closet I am so proud of (I did the whole thing by myself!!) Construction and finished product:

This is the dressing area next to the Closet:

And this is my heat (ohhhh pretty flames):

And at the opposite end of the room is my bed- and new bed frame:

And that is my House!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I've been fostering Cats recently and thought I would show them to the world.
First is Gus- and yes, his ears were always like that!

This is Oscar (the Tabby) and Charlie (with my knee) These are 6 week old kittens whove been VERY sick. Hopefully they are on the road to recovery now.

And I am not sure who this stray is.... oh wait- that's just my haloween costume:


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