Sunday, August 30, 2009

curls and cowgirls 

It's been another rough week here in the Jeppesen houselhold. Juliet got a little heat rash, which turned out to actually be a viral rash because she had a double ear infection. I had NO idea she was sick into the doc looked in her ears, she wasn't fussy or crying or not sleeping- all indications of ear infection. I guess they didn't hurt her. She's been a champ about the antibiotics though. Opens right up. They are pretty gross tasting so I don't know WHAT she is thinking. I ran a slight fever last weekend around 101, so my doc put me on antibiotics too just in case I also had simithing viral that I had given to her. Then Thursday night I got an AWFUL headache and then spiked a 102 fever. Friday saw me in the ER- my doctor thought I had menegitis. Thankfully I don't, but they stll have no idea what's going on with me. They think I had a migraine AND something viral, though why I spiked a fever that high while on antibiotics is anyones guess. I'm finally starting to feel a little better, but stressing money as I lost a lot of time at work this week, AND I will have to pay my Cobra because i can't afford an ER bill. So much for new tires. Hopefully my school gives me my leftover student loans soon.
Speaking of school, I added some money on my card so I could buy books, but one professor didn't order the books through school. So I had money left. I bought myself a present. I figured the piece of paper inside cost so damn much it was worth it:

During the week, I was trying to get some overtime in to make up for when I had to take Juliet to the pedi, so Juliet decided to help me at work.

In other (better) news this week, Juliet started crawling "properly" every once in a while. She still prefers her little tummy scoot though. She's standing up on everything in sight and LOVES to wiggle stuff (shake it back and forth). I don't get why, but that is my child. I bought her this little buggie thing that she can try and walk with now, and ride on later, but the wheels are still a little to slippery and it slides away from her too fast. But she enjoyed riding on it....

She also has a CURL

Her other new favorite toy is a rocking horse. I need to get her little cowgirl hat and boots :) (Yeah I know I'm wicked)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For Aunt Sue here is the Future Nurse picture lightened Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Future Nurse 

Friday, August 21, 2009

Totally freaking out 

Yeah- I'm totally freaking right now.
For myself, for Juliet. For everyone around me that I made groan inwardly when I kept going back in spite of my better ideals.
Jon just called me. I've seen him in court a couple of times or course, and we've traded inanities- I've been trying to keep things civil, no reason to fight if he's paying what he's been ordered too- which he has. (Not that I am happy with the order- but he HAS been paying).
So he called. He wants to meet up with me to discuss money. See if we can come to any agreements. He also said that he'd like to meet her. I think the money part is the part that he's really thinking about. He got a bit sticker shocked in court the other day. And in the end, that's all she is to him right now. A check he has to write. She is my whole world, but that's because I know her and love her.
Every time I tried to lean the conversation to things about her, he got quiet, and then veered back to the whole coming to an agreement thing.
I'm nervous that I won't be able to do the right things for her. I love him still, in spite of everything, and I know he still has the ability to make me believe and trust in him. I KNOW better, and I just have to remember that. I have to remember that he didn't want her.
Juliet has a right to have a father, and to make her own mind up about the person he is, so he coming here Sunday. But I'll be honest, I don't really want him in our lives. It would be hard not to give in to things that I know I'll later regret (and I don't mean physical).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mummy's Little Helper 

Juliet decided that today was a great day to give mummy a break. She'd been working so hard at her new job, and taking care of everything when J didn't feel good that she wanted to do something nice.
So first, she decided to cook dinner

Then, she loaded all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher

Then she hand washed all of mummy's pumping bits so she could make milk tomorrow

And when it was all done, she went to bed so mummy could eat in peace. (And do the cat boxes and laundry....)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blueberries- YUM 

Juliet loves Blueberries. They might even be her favorite fruit. She had them for dinner tonight and made a MESS

Then she pulled all the toys off her toy shelf- and crashed.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It has been a rough couple of weeks in the Jeppesen household. First Juliet got the flu. Then it was diarrhea and borderline dehydration. Then she learned to pull up, started cutting a tooth, and THEN got a cold and another fever *sigh*. In amongst all of this 'drama' she managed to break my glasses in 3 places- utterly irrerearable. Thankfully glenn was on hand once again to save the day. Anyway, I'm WIPED, so I'll just post some piccies for your enjoyment and leave the comments for another day.

Mummy's New Glasses
Playing Peekaboo in bed (Yes she pulled the pillow on top of herself BY herself

I LOVE to pull up!

I wonder if I can fit on the toy shelf.....
Whats back here?
Mmmmm That was YUMMY
Can you see my teeth?
Trying out my big girl car seat

AT the Aussie Ex-pat BBQ she worked out how to pull up all on her own, as well as walking from side to side on the table. I didn't get a walking video, but I did get a pull up


Juliet LOVES the swing... here is me pushing her at the BBQ this weekend (look how she holds on all by herself!)

and here she is at home.... Note- the swing is OFF- she is making it move allll by herself!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sassy Pants 

My daughter has personality. In spades. She comes by it honestly, but still..... Yesterday she needed to go to sleep- her eyes were red she was so tired. She didn't want to nurse. So I tried Connies trick. Connie sings Twinkle Twinkle to get Juliet to sleep. I was rocking her gently, her head on my chest and I started to sing. Very gently a baby hand reached upwards, and held my mouth closed.
I guess I don't sing it right LOL

Sunday, August 02, 2009


Juliet is still ill. Somehow I don't think she'll be going to daycare tomorrow. This morning she was feeling a little better, so we headed off to a Picnic that had been planned for over a month. We didn't stay long- only an hour- but it was long enough for Juliet to try watermelon for the first time and meet a BIG horse.
The Watermelon was funny. She kept biting it off and then spitting it out. And then she took chunks in her hands, but didn't know what to do with it.

She was fascinated by the horse. The look on her face when the horse smelled her was priceless. Especially because it wuffed her (you know, the horse blew out his nostrils at her). I didn't get a GREAT shot, because it was hard to hold the camera and her and get the angle right, but we'll be back to visit the horses again.

Saturday, August 01, 2009


My daughter loves windchimes. LOVES windchimes. Babchi bought me a hot air balloon one that I hung off my light for lack of anywhere else. The look of wonder of her face every time she looks at it is priceless

I also have one on the front porch. She LOVES to stand on the railing and ring the bell herself. The neighbours get a kick out of it too.


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