Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I just found a name for the guppy.... Houdini. The most famous escape artist ever :D Just though I would tell you all.

By the way, these are the fish I have:
Neon Red-tail Tetra (Also called Blue Mirror Red Tail) - Dash
Golden Angel Fish- No name yet, maybe Popcorn or princess
Black and Silver Angel Fish- Fuzzy
Pictus Catfish- Spaz
Yellow Fancy Tail Guppy- Feathers
Orange Fancy Tail Guppy- Houdini
Saulosi Chichlid - Kibbles
Saulosi Chichlid- Bits

I had another Red tail Tetra named Shadow and two Silver LyeTail Mollies- Tag and Nibbles, but they all died during the cycling of my first tank.


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