Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Home and Fish update 

It seems that Houses and Fish is all I speak about these days... But it's EXCITING...
Anyway, I made an offer on the house yesterday. I'll know by 1pm tomorrow if the house is mine or not. I am so nervous! *deep Breath* I Barely slept last night. Too many things running through my head. How much money I need for a lawyer or the Inspection.... school stuff....

An update on the fish- I named the two cichlids finally. One is Kibbles and the other is Bits lol (Hey I think it's funny!). The Angel is still nameless. I have been tossing around Priss but that doesn't seem right either.

School is going really well. I had one of each class already and so far they all seem great. Latin looks like it might not be as "hard" as I thought, but it will take some work. I am already ahead of the reading in Monfasani's class, so things look good.


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