Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pictures of my House 

Here we go- finally pictures of my house :D

First- this is a picture of the front and sides of my house:

Now this is my backyard (yup Needs work)

You walk from the Backyard (and Garage) into the Mudroom:

From the Mudroom you walk into the Kitchen. It's long, so this is both ends:

If you were to take a right from the mudroom door you would see two sets of stairs. One set leads to the Attic: (I plan on finishing the attic and putting a bedroom up there eventually)

The other set leads the to basement. which I will show you later.

Next to the stairs you have one entryway to the main bedroom (the other leads off the living room. Again it's REALLY long (22 feet)

Next to the kitchen and before the living room is the bathroom

And then there is the living room. Again, another long room. (It looked a lot bigger before I got furniture too)

Off the living room is the spare bedroom (Yes it's PINK)

Also off the living room is my front entry/library area- I love the blue color in this room.

Ok lets backtrack to the Basement shall we?

First, As you come down the stairs there is a Wet Bar.

If you face the side of the wet bar next to it is my laundry area (you think I need a dryer???)

Turn 180 and on the other side of the basement is my pellet heat stove. It would be great if I could find pellets for the darn thing.

Looking now towards the back of the basement, on the left is a big open space and a half bath.

And on the right is an old workshop that I am going to convert into a wine cellar. It's already climate controlled so why not right?

And that my friends, is my house :D

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Some Pictures of my House 

These are pictures of my "library" :D

<--- The Entryway/Library
<--- The Living Room
<---Non Fiction
<---Mystery to the Left, General Fiction to the right.
<---My Historical Fiction
<---My Wilbur Smith Collection

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Animal Rescue- New Orleans 

Well I suppose it is finally time to update my journey to New Orleans. I have so much to say, the whole trip was completly overwhelming. The following posts give a day by day of everything I did. I'll add some pictures later. And everyone still there- I miss you all.


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