Thursday, September 27, 2007


These last few days I have felt so darn BLAH. No reason. I just feel like I am dragging through the days.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I need a sugar daddy 

So my doc wants me to switch to tysrabi. Problem is it is not covered by my insurance company- at ALL. Not a single MVP Plan cover it.The drug is a whopping 2164.00 a MONTH. Holy crap. That's a whole second job. I would have to make 530 a week extra which is....37 overttime hour. I can't afford that!

Friday, September 14, 2007

New Closet 

For the last 2 years I have wanted to put in a linen closet on the landing towards my basement. I have had the doors for months and yesterday I finally decided to do the work. Gary came over to do any projects I had (poor man!) so we took the saw and cut the wall.
I have never seen so much smoke! We get the first quater cut, and get the palster off to find..... wood. Ugly, green wood. So we pry off the wood and find...... more wood. Thick, hard to cut, hardwood. Ok this is weird. Why put that kind of wood in dead space? We cut further up the wall, removed the plaster, removed the ugly green wood, and found.... another wall. With insulation. Weirder still. Then we punched a whole in that wall. Gary peers in with our little mini flashlight and says "I found a shoe". Huh? And he proceedes to pull a pink flip flop out of the wall. He reasches back in and pulls out an orange shoe. Totally bizarre. He feels around and says "I feel carpet". Carpet? Was this space used in the space.
I had been taking pictures (will be posted later) so I stuck my camera in the hole and took pictures from all angles. Looking at the pictures we saw a tote and beads. Beads???? Totes can't be dropped like we thought the shoes might have been. So Gary went to invistigate. Suddenly I head this voice floating out of the wall "Guess where I am".

We had cut a nice ugly hole.... into Ana's closet. Oops.

Edit for comment: You wouldd Gary- you would

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I hate Christian history. I really really really really hate it. I don't hate Christianity (so no hate mail please!)- I live with one CHristian and am in love with another, so it is not the religion itself that I have a problem with. A few semesters ago I took a History of Christianity class so I could understand both the religion of the man I loved and the history that dominated the period of time that I was interested in studying. It was one of those classes that taught me a great deal, but that I hated learning. See the problem is that Christian history is STEEPED in Philosophy. You can't learn it without delving, at least a little, into the argument over what date Easter should be celebrated, or why the Council of Nicea was important or weather Jesus was human or devine and why that question was such a big damn deal. Honestly- I. Don't. Care.
So this semester I am taking a History of England class. I've read so much and understand so little. The problem is, that early English history is all told by religous people- like Bede and Gildas. I'm not reading "This English King did this and that English king Did this, and their Kingdoms became this..." I'm reading "So this Bishop baptised this person and brought these people to the true faith, and this Monk went here and corrected the idolators ways, and this relic healed this person and because of that they were all converted". Please Kill ME Now. I understand why These people are important to read. Gildas and Bede are the ONLY sources for these time periods. But even in class we are talking about religion. About this Pope who ordained this person to go to Britan. I feel like I am learming nothing about Britain in this time period- but just about the condition of the church at the time. I can't wait until we get further on in history and learn something about England, and not it's church.


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