Thursday, July 30, 2009


Juliet has always been cute (of course I think so- I'm her mum). These last weeks Juliets developed some really cute habits.
-She learned to wave bye-bye. When I drop her off at daycare she waves bye-bye and will be so enthusiastic that she'll hit the poor girl in the face.
-She's pulling up, and loves to try to do it on my pants. Recently, she's been trying to pull up one handed, so she uses her head. Literally. She'll push her head against my leg or other hand or table or whatever and use THAT to leverage up.
-She loves to hang upside down. When I'm holding her by the waist, she'll let go, and fling herself backwards. When she lifts her head slightly, I lift herback up. She'll smile, and fling herself backwards again. Mummy gets tired of this game LONG before Juliet does.
-She's trying to clap- Babchi tried to teach her patty cake this weekend. She didn't learn completely, but she IS trying to clap her hands.

And Best of all

-She's giving kisses :D They are sloppy, open mouthed... but oh so heartwarming. The first ones were at daycare when I picked her up. She leaved over and put her open mouth on my cheek several times. (Leaned forward, mouth on, mouth off, repeat). I didn't think much of it until today, when I was helping her stand up and I gave her a kiss. The next time she stood up, she gave me one! ANd then several other times today.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This last Sunday Juliet and I took a trip to the Saratoga County Fair with Erica, Whitney and their two girls Lexy and Sammy. It worked out great for me, they had a free extra ticket so I just hopped a ride in their van and off we went. I took the MeiTai as well as her stroller, as I've been finiding more and more that she's not happy in the carrier unless facing forward, and she can't do that because it cuts the circulation off in her legs. I have to find time to get together with the sling group and see what I am doing wrong. Annyway, I tied her on facing me to start and she was OUT like a light. Good thing too, in the carrier with her hat on she was pretty protected from the sun. So Juliet was fine, but mummy got REALLY burnt OW. That was stupid. (In my defence, it was cold and cloudy in Schenectady, while hot and SUNNY in Saratoga).
Here is a picture of the three girls: (Lexi has the red hair, sammy is the brown hair)

And here is Juliet playing at Erica's house afterward

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our First Day 

My first day at my new job, and Juliets first day in a Day Care Center.
I think of the two my day was better. I love my new boss, although the hospital is "old and decrepit" compared to my high-tech old one. Still, I think I'm going to be MUCh happier. In fact, my boss REMINDED me that it was time for me to go pump- so yay!
Juliet on the other hand.... she seemed really happy when I dropped her off. New Toys, new friends, new adventure. However I came back to a very cranky baby. This is the first time she has not been in a one on one situation and I'm not sure it's going to work out for her. Her first nap of the day is usually around 9am, but you have to MAKE her go to sleep (pick her up and rock her around that time). I told them if she misses her 9am nap she'll be miserable all day. Well gues what- she missed her 9am. The director came and took her at 10.20 and got her down for an hour, but of course she was cranky ALLLL day. It's partially because she's teething too though. They were very good about the food (although she only ate 5.5oz instead of the 9 I sent), and they did give her the solids I sent.
We'll give it a couple of weeks and see how it goes I suppose. She'll get used to it- or she won't and we'll change.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wild Woman 

So our first tooth is in, and Juliet seems to be getting at least one more. She was a WILD woman tonight. She's trying to pull herself up to standing and life is FAR too interesting to sleep, and she was bouncing off the walls. It's 9.47 and she had JUST fallen asleep. I set up the little pool today that I bought. I hoped it would tire her out, Instead I discovered that the side is cracked. I'll be exchanging it tomorrow. We played in it for a little while while the water leaked out the side.

We played in the grass a little bit afterwards- she likes grass much better now than she did in the first time I put her down.

She went to sleep at 6, and I breathed a sigh of relief thinking she was down for the night (she went down last night at 6.30), but she woke up at 6.45. I figured she could have some dinner (potatos, blueberrys and apples). I then gave her some of my lamb on a bone to chew on, which she went to TOWN on....

And it Took forevr, she just had soo much energy tonight. But eventually....

And on that note- WE are going to bed!

Friday, July 10, 2009


I've been too tired to add pics recently, but here are some recent onces...

Eating Apricots... Yummy

I'm a MESS

Me and my sippy cup

Climbing at the WIC office

Cuddling with mummys arm

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

She listened- AND learned! 

I have the smartest kid on the planet. Well- I think so anyway. When Juliet was 6 weeks old I had that relapse. Patting/pinching me to get the milk out was sooo painful. So I gently tried to teach her not to squeeze (I just removed her hand everytime she did). Everyone told me that she was too young to teach nursing manners. I though it was a fluke that she has never squeezed on that side since (she'll push, but not squeeze).
Juliet is also Looooves the cats. So we've been practicing "flat hands" (she can only touch the cats with her hands flat) for months now. Today, she crawled over to Baby Girl- and pat her with flat hands!! She grabbed once, but it was an obvious accitdent as she was slipping at the time. So hopefully we won't get any pulled/fur retaliation scratches!
And the best yet... From 3 months to around 6 months I 'taught' Juliet not to bite. It took 2 months of repitition- If she bit the first time it would be a quick warning then back on, the second time the boob would go away for 30 seconds, the third time it would go away for good. After she stopped biting the third time, boob would go away the second time. Once she stopped biting the second time, one bit and she was done. By the time she was 6 months she would only 'bite' accidentaly while falling asleep if the nipple moved out of her mouth (she was trying to hold it in). ANd she's actually not done that in about a month now. Everyone I know in real life thought I was crazy for doing this, that I was too patient, should have just said no etc.... but it's paid off. She has a tooth coming in. Her gum is red, inflamed, and she has a little white edge. And she hasn't bitten me once!
So I guess the moral of the story is- have petience- they WILL learn!


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