Wednesday, October 29, 2008

39 weeks and 6 days 

Holy Crap. Tomorrow is my due date. At this point though I am fairly certain that I will NOT be going on time. She's in for the long haul. I'm ready though. I have (almost) all of my stuff taken care of. Service ordered for the pellet stove, my mortgage and car payment taken care of for a month, got my replacement mattress delivered today, most of my school stuff taken care of.... my house is clean (not spotless) but it's clean enough that I don't have to do much. (Just fold laundry-again)
So I guess all there is to do is ignore the pile of clean clothes and take another nap.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

7 Days 

I can't believe it. It's almost over. If I go on time- only one more week to go. As of my last appointment I'm not dilated at all though, so whats the bet that I go over? I am sooo ready to not be pregnant (and this uncomfortable) and ready to see her, but am I ready to be a mum? I don't think I'll ever be ready. Maybe that's why I haven't gone into labor yet- she knows I am not ready!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Finished Murals 

I still have to do a second coat on the frog prince's crown, the feet of the green frog, and the blue frog. But, it's pretty much done.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


WHAT IS YOUR NAME:..... Jennie

4 LETTER WORD...... Juno

BOY NAME: ..... James

GIRL NAME ..... Jessica

OCCUPATION: ...... Journalist

COLOUR: ....... Jade

SOMETHING YOU WEAR: ....... Jumper

BEVERAGE :...... Juice

FOOD:..... Jelly


PLACE:..... Japan



Tree Done 

I finally finished the tree I was painting. It didn't come out quite how I pictured it, but I don't think it's half bad. The frogs are almost complete- I should be able to finish them tomorrow.


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