Thursday, August 18, 2005

Code Enforcer Update 

Well the code enforcer came and went and I feel a good deal better as well as a little bit worse. It turns out that my new landlord is public enemy number 1. He's been fined, in court and in jail many times due to code and tax violations. Aparently he's not allowed to rent to anyone any more because of back taxes he owes. Which means if I move out- the place stays empty. Anyway, the enforcer said that there is nothing he can do about the carpets (or lack thereof) unless they became a tripping hazard. In spite of the smell. He can make him fix my drains, replace my stove and get a pest controller (my house is infested with spiders). My stove it seems would normally be beyond code enforcement, however it is also my heart source for the back of the house.
So now my only fear is retaliation, him raising my rent or trying to evict me.


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