Monday, October 25, 2004

Working for a Living 

Today is my third day back in the job world. I like working in the hospital so far, although I don't think I have enough work to do. But I am still being trained so I can't complain too much, it IS only my third day.
Jon and I have been..... well it's not TV land that's for sure. I think we are beginning to work out the things that are different between us. We both had such different upbringings and sometimes it causes conflicts. But things seem to be turning for the better. I have to learn to let my guard down a little, even though I know he wants to spend his life with me, I feel like I am holding him away from me a little. I just have to learn to trust in what fate has planned. I've been working with him weekends for some extra cash, and I am tired. Climbing over trees, forcing my way through brush that is taller than me, it's exhausting. I even picked up some poison ivy YUK. But I am learning more about Jon. About how he thinks, what is important to him....
Anyway, I must get back to work.. talk to you all soon!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Yeah Yeah Yeah 

Ok... so Lyndall sent me my marching orders to make a new post. It's nice to know I have someone who can kick me in the butt once in a while and get me doing what I should do. Life has had it's ups and downs recently. I lost my job at RPI, which was really no big loss seeing as there was nothing for me to do anyway. But I've been without work for 3 weeks now and I am starting to feel the money pinch. I think I have rent covered, but not my car payment or anything else at this point. So thats a bit of a stress. Jon and My first anniversary is coming up on Nov 2nd and I can't afford to buy him a single thing. Talk about depressing.
The good news is that I did get a full time job that I should start next week. Hopefully I can stick with that one for a while. Also, I got signed with a modeling/acting agency. As Glenn would say, I'm gonna be a "supa-star". Hmm... not really. It's mainly extra work, like being a dead body on CSI or somthing like that, which I still think is pretty cool. Jon wants to do it too (and thye wanted him) but there is a set up fee thingy (for headshots and things like that) and we can't afford both of us. Anyway, my photo shoot is the 23rd, so yay!

Ok, That's all I got for now... Jon's home so I'm gonna go bother him ;)


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