Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Well I finally got the word from the bank. Jennie was approved. The intrest rate is not the best out there by far, but it sure isn't the worst either- just over 7%- how much over depending on weather I do a 30 year fixed or a 2 year fixed and re-finance. Very risky I know, so I am not sure which road to travel. The great news is that I got approved for more than I wanted to spend, which means I will have some flexibility in the type and location of home. The bad news is that they won't finance a manufactured home at this point- mainly because my credit is not the greatest and those type of loan programs banks are already wary of. So no custom home for Jennie. But that's ok I think. There are some nice places out there and if I am willing to drive some even NICER ones further out. So we will see.


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