Tuesday, August 30, 2005

More fishes 

Yup, I got more fishes. In fact, I decided to start a second tank. I discovered that Dash (Neon Red-tail tetra) has a bit of a territory problem. He was the only one who survived the first cycle of my tank, but he wasn't letting my other fish eat. He got really agressive around feeding time and chased everyone else into corners. I didn't want my catfish or angels to go the way of the other fish, but I have grown a bit attached to Dash and didn't want to "Trade him in" as if he wasn't a living thing (Yeah I know- I am the worst fish owner ever). So I started a second 10 gallon tank. I put him in with two chiclids which are VERY aggressive fish. It's normally not wise to put a community fish (Tetra) with a chiclid and the agressive fish will proababley kill him. However- Dash is twice their size and seems so far to be holding his own. In fact he is chasing THEM all over the tank- which doesn't bode well for his survival ratio when they get bigger, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. I've named the smaller one Speedy, and the other one doesn't yet have a name, but I am thinking something along the lines of "snack".
This second tank is on the bottom of my stand, which is kitty eye-level. Babygirl has taken to sitting and laying by the tank just watching the fish. She'll get the butt wiggle occassionally and squeek. She also attacks the tanks- SWAT. Maybe I'll call the fish squeek- As he generally likes to tease her. I would call him lunch, but he's too small for that yet lol.
Seeing as I took Dash out of the top tank, I added two more fish- Fancy tailed Guppies. These things are REALLY pretty. Fancy Guppies They have these huge fan shaped feather like tails. One has a yellow tail and one orange. The orange one is a translucent blue color, and the yellow is a translucent yellow- they both look like a pearl with the shade of the blue/yellow. I've named the yellow one feathers and I wanted to name the orange one Monte (after the count of Monte Christo- the seller had a hell of a time catching him- he kept escaping from the net), but Monte just doesn't seem to stick. My yellow Angel is still unamed. I considered "popcorn" for a while as that's his coloring, but that's such a silly name.
So now I have 8 Fish. :D


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