Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day at the beach 

For all my friends on the US east coast.... don't hate me!

Chasing the seagulls!Feeding Seagulls- bribery for them to come nearer for more chasing....

Watching the waves on the shore
Eastern Beach- 10 min drive from my house.
North Shore, 2 min drive from the house. 2km- I try and walk here daily with Juliet, 40 min round trip.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It is about time 

Ok I've caught enough flack for not updating this blog so I figure I should do so.
A brief update- I got into University of Melbourne, and I also got a scholarship. Which is great for my studies- the next step is finding somewhere to live. While I'm enjoying the stress free-ness of living with my mother, the commute is just going to be to much. 2 hours a day is a lot for Juliet. I haven't bought a car yet, but am waiting to see if I can get a home loan first, it would be easier to buy something than rent I think. With the 2 cats arriving in a couple of weeks, finding a place that will rent to cats is proving difficult. I'll find out more next week.
Juliet is doing well. I've found her a good daycare not far from the school. I'm not sure they are structured enough for her, but only time will tell. She's on the waiting list for the daycare at school, but the list is long, so we will see. It sure would make life easier.


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