Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fortune Cookie 

I just opened a fortune cookie this was my fortune: "Hard Work never killed anyone, but why take a chance."


In our lives our hands are some of our most important most complex features. Do you know how many muscles it takes to move the thumb? I did don't remember from my class last year but I think it's at least 5. I know that we have to have a lot of sensory feeling in our palms and fingertips, but why do we have so many on the BACK of our hands??? I had a blood draw yesterday at my doctors appointment and because it was so cold all my veins were "hidden". So she did the blood draw from my hand. OWWWWWie.... Why does that spot hurt so much??? I'm to a point where needles don't hurt so much anymore (because I have had so freaking many!) but DANGIT my hand hurts.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I think people need to wear shock collars. That way every time they were unenesarily rude, mean, or downright nasty to someone they would get a little, harmless shock to remind them to be nice to other people. I don't know what it is about people coming to the Emergancy Room- whether visitor or patient- that makes them so darn impatient and abusive to the staff. Some times I feel like telling people to let me do my job.
It's sad that when you get a nice person it stands out in your day. Like just a few seconds ago, I had a gentleman ask if their was a visitor liason and when I said yes, he just said thankyou. He didn't demand to go back, he didn't get in my face, he didn't stand their for 20 seconds pacing and then come to talk to me again. People like that are so rare. Most are accusing me of being inconsiderate or give me attitude like I am not doing my job.
Once in a while you get those people who appreciate what you are trying to do. I had this little old couple that blessed me for being so wonderful and compassionate (all I did was get their insurance information!), families thank me during a REAL emergency when they are stuck in the family room while their family member may be dying in A1, I had a woman praise me while I was registering her dead husband (who was on the bed next to where i was standing by the way). But I could count the number of these types of people on one hand. We see about 200 patients a day. If you think that with 3 zones, I get to see about a third of those patient- or 3/4 if I am in triage- that makes for a small amount of people who are remotly nice.
Sometimes I know I don't have any patience either, and it something I am trying to learn especially knowing how aggrivating it is to everyone who has to put up with it.


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