Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So irritated. 

NY State DOH has mandated that all health workers have the flu shot. I understand that the flu is an issue, but I hate being TOLD what to do. But it's mandatory and I had no choice. The last few years when I've had the flu shot my MS has always flared up afterwards and I've felt like crap. Last year, when I didn't have the shot, I felt fine, but of coruse I was pregnant. So maybe it was a fluke?
Apparently not. I had my flu shot today, and tonight- my legs have started to burn, and I've started to have a small bit of vertigo. Greaaat. If they really do mandate the H1N1 (which at this moment they are), I think I'd rather quit....

Sneak Peek 

Here is a sneek peek at first Juliets birthday invites!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Yesterday was the Aussie Football Grand Final. I have not been able to watch a game in FOREVER, and there is an Australian group in town I am a member of who got word of a 'final party' in Albany. I figured why not- and off I went. I had a GREAT time and so did Juliet. Met a ton of new Australian people, ate meat pies, had a beer (half), laughed, shouted, traded insults, and just overall had FUN. Juliet had a great time too, which unfortnatly meant that she barely slept. How a child at her age who went to bed a 2am gets up wide awake at 7 beats me (I surely don't want to get up!)
She's almost a year old, so I'm starting to ease up a little on some of the food restrictions I've had (such as no wheat/corn etc). Which means that Juliet had some new foods last night!

4 n 20 Meat pies!!

And a twistie for desert

She was fascinated with the shape of the footy

Everyone got a huge kick out of the fact that Juliet wanted to play bartender, they said it must be her Australian blood.

And then Juliet FINALLY fell asleep around 2am- I'm surprised she slept through the last quarter.... there was a LOT of yelling!!!

Of course the night was made even better by the fact that Geelong won! I feel bad for St Kilda, they have been around 116 years, and only have one flag. But they had their opportunities, and blew it because they could only kick points and not goals.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Juliets new trick 

Juliet has a new "trick". Apparently she did it the other day while I was in class, and they showed me last night....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Her mothers daughter 

Juliet proved today that she is my daughter through and through. I finally got tired of eating sandwhiches when I got her down at midnight and decided to cook a REAL meal. I made myself a steak and greenbeans. Of course Juliet woke up in the process (Gerard you BETTER use that sling, times like these I miss it!) and was terrible. Whined when I put her down, whined that she wasn't on the boob..... anyway. Food is done, and I sit to eat, latch Juliet on and she's STARING... watching me chew. So I figure I'd give her some, especially seeing as she didn't eat a whole lot at daycare today. She wouldn't let me put her in the highchair or walker, so I just put a little food down on the floor for her- a couple bites of steak and a baby handful of green beans.
She ate the steak, and ignored the green beans.

It gets more amusing.
She then pulls up to standing on the couch... crusies to where I am sitting, and tries to pull my plate off the table. So I bring it down to her level (I always eat what she can eat because she'll often want off my plate). I make sure the green beans are on her side of the plate. She then proceeds to walk AROUND to my knees, reaches OVER the green beans, and attempt to grab the half a steak that was left.
I guess my kid is my daughter and loves herself a good steak!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Visit to Bingo 

I went to Bingo to weekend. Juliet had fun playing piano with Babchi

Then Emily brought her a bunch of card with animals and their fur textures on it. Juliet and she had a great time.

New Crawl and almost new tooth 

Juliet is cutting a new tooth. It's an upper eyetooth, and of course that means she's been perma-tached to my breasts. Anytime she delatches she cries and wakes herself up.

She also has a new crawl suddenly god knows where this came from....

Monday, September 07, 2009

Shameless Nursing 

Juliet is 10 months old, and still loves her num-nums. (Breast milk from the breast). Even though she is eating solids, she'd still rather have milk at non-meal times, which is A-OK by me. Before having her, I was never one to be a breastfeeding proponent or anything, but now I find myself to be a Lactavist. I want to educate people on the benefits of nursing. Not just for momma and baby's health, but on relationships and bonding and so much else. Being a member of fulltimemoms and kellymom has helped, so I can reach out to other mums and help them successfully nurse, but by far my biggest controbution to nursing is nursing in public.
Breastfeeding needs to be normalized in this country. Breasts are so sexualized that people make an innocent act seem disguisting. Yes, breasts can be sexual. But I'll tell you, that feeding Juliet NEVER EVER feels that way. I see breasts as food containers nothing more. Anyway, my contribution to normalizing breastfeeding is to breastfeed in public, whenever Juliet needs it, without caring if someone gets a flash of boob or not. I always give positive comments to anyone I notice breastfeeding.
I found this article today about doing just this and wanted to share it with my readers. http://mothering.com/bashful-brazen-indiscreet-breastfeeders-manifesto

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Peek a Boo 

Juliet's favorite game. Only barely beating out flipping over as her favorite activity of all time.


I got a coupon for Picture People, and an entry form for a photo contest- so I thought "what the hell"... and off we went. I was disapointed to discover that Mindy, the girl that took our pregnancy and newborn pictures is gone, but the lady we got was pretty nice anyway. I still like Picture People best of all the studio's I've tried.

The gross side of mummyhood 

In spite of all the heartwarming amazing things that Juliet does- there IS a GROSS side to being a mummy. I am writing this blog, with Juliet half asleep on my chest, covered down one arm and leg in pea and grape vomit. *gag* Sooo gross. She seems to be falling asleep, so I hope she's all done. But peas smell really gross as vomit- just so you know.

Friday, September 04, 2009


Not only does she like to climb, she likes to "flip"

(Thanks to Donny for helping with the video)

Little Monkey 

Juliet is on the move! While I was in class the other day Tanya put a handful of cereal on her walker for her to munch on. Some was still there, and I guess Juliet decided she was hungry and climbed- yes CLIMBED onto the walker to reach it. I even got photo evidence. Notice the placement of her feet as she walks around the perimiter, on the edge...


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