Friday, February 25, 2005


I always thought I was a really open minded person. I don't judge people based on how they look, or who they are, because I don't buy into being a sterotype. But last night I realised that that is not entriely true.
I do patient visits here in the hospital on Thursdays, and you meet a whole variety of people. Old, young, sane, insane, the friendly, the grumpy and the down right mean. Last night I visisted an eldergy gentleman in his room and found myself offering him magazines that an "old man" might like. I sat and talked with for a while, and discovered a man who played games online, had an online girlfriend from perth, and wanted no more entertainment than a play station. Let me tell you- that made me check my ideals at the door!

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Isn't it amazing the ways in which we find to waste time during the day? My friend Dues and I have discovered that we can waste a whole day playing geos' (That's a neopets game) and blackjack (on filmhobbit- or cinemablend or whatever it is they changed their name to these days). Of course we both work, but only in between turns. Ahh The joy of internet :D

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I am sure everyone has a story about a co-worker from hell. I'm sure many of us have more than one story. Today is my turn.
I started in this job at Albany Medical back last October. I loved it- still do most days. But in December my partner-in-crime Dodie left to become a nurse. Not that I blame her but boy do I miss her. I managed to hold down the fort for 2 weeks alone, and then my new co-worker started. As we are always critically short staffed, it fell to me to train her, seeing as I was the resident "expert" on our job- even though I had only had a couple months experience myself.
Each day now has become a painful excercise in holding her by the hand and trying to teach her the steps she needs to do to find the answers she needs. It's been 2 months now and this is the point in my time here where I started teaching her what to do, and she still doesn't understand the basics. She is not double checking her work, never recording phone calls, Doesn't read over anything before she passes it on, doesn't screen calls correctly, leaves early for lunch and comes bcak late- and leave early at the end of the day.
I know I learn quickly, but this is CRAZY!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Riding a Bike 

Last night went fairly well- it's just like riding a bike, you never really forget how. Making and cutting pizza's was fairly routine- no big changes there. They have a few new products that I need some tutorials on (like how to cut the dipping strips pizza) but I did faily well. Inventory was no problem, I just had to be reminded how many pounds in the sausage bags, and there were a few more items I had to find that I didn't know before. Phones however was another problem. First, they have a touch screen system, which means you don't use the F keys to navigate- that threw me, I also don't know the cupons by heart yet. But the worst of all was just in the answering. I am so used to Albany med that I kept picking up the phone "Pathology, This is Jennie". Yeah. Imagine hearing that when you want to order a pizza.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I once loved working at Pizza Hut. I loved the demands, the challenges, the feeling of control and of making a diffrence. When i moved to Maine that all changed with the lack of need for my skills, I grew bored and indifferent. I am worried about starting at pizza hut again. Different company, different rules, different everything. Am I going to find the joy I once had, be in demand, feel needed? Or am I going to hate this as much as I hated Maine? We will see.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

2nd Job 

I must be nuts. I barely have any time as it is, yet I took a second job. Or rather, it got thrown in my lap. Last Friday I went to buy a pizza (Yeah it's bad for me I know, but I was craving it!) and went to the local pizza hut where I was going to work as a driver until My grandfather died and I pulled a no-show (unintential!). Anyway, he knew about my manigerial background and introduced me to his Boss the Area Coach.
So tomorrow I start back at Pizza Hut as a shift leader again. I really don't know what I was thinking, other than at least I will be able to save a great deal of money!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentines Day 

I know this day is meant to be a happy day, a day to celebrate your love, but I find that more often it is a day for misery, a day to remember what you don't have. I can count on 2 fingers the great valentines day's I've had, and this year isn't one of them. This year I can only remember last year when Jon was tripping over himself to pamper me, when everythig was roses with us.
Why does this hurt so much? I didn't care that Glenn's family didn't like me, they were just people in the background. Why is this such a big deal? Because, they hate me and while they do Jon will never marry me. And I know it. Which makes me wonder why I keep trying so hard. Is it really going to matter????

Friday, February 11, 2005

Win Big! 

Wow... I am so excited! On Monday on a whim I entered a compition on the radio station to win a trip to Las Vegas. Today I got the call that I am one of 7 finalists. To check out the contest go to, but the basics of it are: I marry one of the DJ's (Boomer) Monday moring by Candy (who got her licence online) and he has to follow me around all week. If I last the week, Friday it would get it annulled and I would win the trip :D So yay!
One Hiccup is work- he's not allowed to come to work with me, so I have to see if they still want me as a finalist. Basically HIPPA and Security and Liability laws make it an impossibility. I am on the phone now to see if I can still play..... I'll keep you informed!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow 

Yup, tonight we are scheduled to get 1-3 feet (or is it inches? I never can remember)of snow, with another 3-5 tomorrow. The roads are going to be nasty tomorrow. I can only think about what fun that amount of snow would be snowmobiling, unfortunatly my season is over. Last Friday night Jon decided we would take a trip up the mountain by Lake George. It's a great spot for sightseeing, although not the greatest trails. However, we notice a "hiccuping" in the track, alsmot like it was skipping or catching. Jon and I tried to get under there to look at it, thinking maybe the track was torn, howvere I really don't know what I am doing so I am not much help. Jon took it down a straight stretch thinking to spin out any loose areas. Now picture this- I am standing by the truck watching him ride. He flashes past me, and then all of a sudden I see the headlight swing to me, flash, and go out along with the slead. Dead Silence. Then Jon starting swearing. All I could picture was him trapped under the slead, and me not able to get it off of him.
Luckily he was ok, the slead is not the best, we broke the windscreen, one of the mirrors came off, and the other one that stayed on is missing the glass. And the track is still skipping. So no more sleading for us- more is the pitty- I enjoyed it!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Book Issues 

I had a "funny" book experience last night. I am really really really OCD (which if you read this you probabley know) when it comes to my books. Don't dog ear the pages to mark your spot, don't fold the cover over backwards, I have all my books on the shelf in genre order as well as by author and publish date- basically... I'm a personal library.
So anyway, Jon decides to mess with me last night and goes and re-arranges all my books on the shelf- he has murder mystery in the historical fiction section, fiction in with the science fiction.... books backward, upside down- he even put a couple in the freezer.
I'm not sure which was louder- me squeling or him laughing.

Old Vs New 

This world is all about the new technology. Fancy cars and trucks, The newest high-tech gadgets, and mostly big and slick TV's. I have a wonderful TV- 36" Flat screen, nice picture, silver. I've had her for nearly 3 years now and she's wonderful. At home I don't have cable- just rabbit ears- and I only get 3 stations CBS, NBC and ABC. Yesterday, Superbowl Sunday, we realised we wouldn't get to watch it because we didn't get Fox. Jon decided to search through the channels, and we found fox on 74, although we could only get it in Black and white and with no sound.
So Jon decided to try his little 13 inch TV. Plugged it in, turn to the station. Bam, instant color and sound. Didn't have to touch the rabbit ears or anything. Man- I still havne't heard the end of that one!


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