Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow 

Yup, tonight we are scheduled to get 1-3 feet (or is it inches? I never can remember)of snow, with another 3-5 tomorrow. The roads are going to be nasty tomorrow. I can only think about what fun that amount of snow would be snowmobiling, unfortunatly my season is over. Last Friday night Jon decided we would take a trip up the mountain by Lake George. It's a great spot for sightseeing, although not the greatest trails. However, we notice a "hiccuping" in the track, alsmot like it was skipping or catching. Jon and I tried to get under there to look at it, thinking maybe the track was torn, howvere I really don't know what I am doing so I am not much help. Jon took it down a straight stretch thinking to spin out any loose areas. Now picture this- I am standing by the truck watching him ride. He flashes past me, and then all of a sudden I see the headlight swing to me, flash, and go out along with the slead. Dead Silence. Then Jon starting swearing. All I could picture was him trapped under the slead, and me not able to get it off of him.
Luckily he was ok, the slead is not the best, we broke the windscreen, one of the mirrors came off, and the other one that stayed on is missing the glass. And the track is still skipping. So no more sleading for us- more is the pitty- I enjoyed it!


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