Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I am sure everyone has a story about a co-worker from hell. I'm sure many of us have more than one story. Today is my turn.
I started in this job at Albany Medical back last October. I loved it- still do most days. But in December my partner-in-crime Dodie left to become a nurse. Not that I blame her but boy do I miss her. I managed to hold down the fort for 2 weeks alone, and then my new co-worker started. As we are always critically short staffed, it fell to me to train her, seeing as I was the resident "expert" on our job- even though I had only had a couple months experience myself.
Each day now has become a painful excercise in holding her by the hand and trying to teach her the steps she needs to do to find the answers she needs. It's been 2 months now and this is the point in my time here where I started teaching her what to do, and she still doesn't understand the basics. She is not double checking her work, never recording phone calls, Doesn't read over anything before she passes it on, doesn't screen calls correctly, leaves early for lunch and comes bcak late- and leave early at the end of the day.
I know I learn quickly, but this is CRAZY!


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