Sunday, August 30, 2009

curls and cowgirls 

It's been another rough week here in the Jeppesen houselhold. Juliet got a little heat rash, which turned out to actually be a viral rash because she had a double ear infection. I had NO idea she was sick into the doc looked in her ears, she wasn't fussy or crying or not sleeping- all indications of ear infection. I guess they didn't hurt her. She's been a champ about the antibiotics though. Opens right up. They are pretty gross tasting so I don't know WHAT she is thinking. I ran a slight fever last weekend around 101, so my doc put me on antibiotics too just in case I also had simithing viral that I had given to her. Then Thursday night I got an AWFUL headache and then spiked a 102 fever. Friday saw me in the ER- my doctor thought I had menegitis. Thankfully I don't, but they stll have no idea what's going on with me. They think I had a migraine AND something viral, though why I spiked a fever that high while on antibiotics is anyones guess. I'm finally starting to feel a little better, but stressing money as I lost a lot of time at work this week, AND I will have to pay my Cobra because i can't afford an ER bill. So much for new tires. Hopefully my school gives me my leftover student loans soon.
Speaking of school, I added some money on my card so I could buy books, but one professor didn't order the books through school. So I had money left. I bought myself a present. I figured the piece of paper inside cost so damn much it was worth it:

During the week, I was trying to get some overtime in to make up for when I had to take Juliet to the pedi, so Juliet decided to help me at work.

In other (better) news this week, Juliet started crawling "properly" every once in a while. She still prefers her little tummy scoot though. She's standing up on everything in sight and LOVES to wiggle stuff (shake it back and forth). I don't get why, but that is my child. I bought her this little buggie thing that she can try and walk with now, and ride on later, but the wheels are still a little to slippery and it slides away from her too fast. But she enjoyed riding on it....

She also has a CURL

Her other new favorite toy is a rocking horse. I need to get her little cowgirl hat and boots :) (Yeah I know I'm wicked)


Your curly cowgirl is adorable!
Love how she laughs like you do! :)

By Blogger Dairy Queen, at 9:59 AM  

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