Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It has been a rough couple of weeks in the Jeppesen household. First Juliet got the flu. Then it was diarrhea and borderline dehydration. Then she learned to pull up, started cutting a tooth, and THEN got a cold and another fever *sigh*. In amongst all of this 'drama' she managed to break my glasses in 3 places- utterly irrerearable. Thankfully glenn was on hand once again to save the day. Anyway, I'm WIPED, so I'll just post some piccies for your enjoyment and leave the comments for another day.

Mummy's New Glasses
Playing Peekaboo in bed (Yes she pulled the pillow on top of herself BY herself

I LOVE to pull up!

I wonder if I can fit on the toy shelf.....
Whats back here?
Mmmmm That was YUMMY
Can you see my teeth?
Trying out my big girl car seat


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