Thursday, July 30, 2009


Juliet has always been cute (of course I think so- I'm her mum). These last weeks Juliets developed some really cute habits.
-She learned to wave bye-bye. When I drop her off at daycare she waves bye-bye and will be so enthusiastic that she'll hit the poor girl in the face.
-She's pulling up, and loves to try to do it on my pants. Recently, she's been trying to pull up one handed, so she uses her head. Literally. She'll push her head against my leg or other hand or table or whatever and use THAT to leverage up.
-She loves to hang upside down. When I'm holding her by the waist, she'll let go, and fling herself backwards. When she lifts her head slightly, I lift herback up. She'll smile, and fling herself backwards again. Mummy gets tired of this game LONG before Juliet does.
-She's trying to clap- Babchi tried to teach her patty cake this weekend. She didn't learn completely, but she IS trying to clap her hands.

And Best of all

-She's giving kisses :D They are sloppy, open mouthed... but oh so heartwarming. The first ones were at daycare when I picked her up. She leaved over and put her open mouth on my cheek several times. (Leaned forward, mouth on, mouth off, repeat). I didn't think much of it until today, when I was helping her stand up and I gave her a kiss. The next time she stood up, she gave me one! ANd then several other times today.


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