Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This last Sunday Juliet and I took a trip to the Saratoga County Fair with Erica, Whitney and their two girls Lexy and Sammy. It worked out great for me, they had a free extra ticket so I just hopped a ride in their van and off we went. I took the MeiTai as well as her stroller, as I've been finiding more and more that she's not happy in the carrier unless facing forward, and she can't do that because it cuts the circulation off in her legs. I have to find time to get together with the sling group and see what I am doing wrong. Annyway, I tied her on facing me to start and she was OUT like a light. Good thing too, in the carrier with her hat on she was pretty protected from the sun. So Juliet was fine, but mummy got REALLY burnt OW. That was stupid. (In my defence, it was cold and cloudy in Schenectady, while hot and SUNNY in Saratoga).
Here is a picture of the three girls: (Lexi has the red hair, sammy is the brown hair)

And here is Juliet playing at Erica's house afterward


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