Wednesday, July 08, 2009

She listened- AND learned! 

I have the smartest kid on the planet. Well- I think so anyway. When Juliet was 6 weeks old I had that relapse. Patting/pinching me to get the milk out was sooo painful. So I gently tried to teach her not to squeeze (I just removed her hand everytime she did). Everyone told me that she was too young to teach nursing manners. I though it was a fluke that she has never squeezed on that side since (she'll push, but not squeeze).
Juliet is also Looooves the cats. So we've been practicing "flat hands" (she can only touch the cats with her hands flat) for months now. Today, she crawled over to Baby Girl- and pat her with flat hands!! She grabbed once, but it was an obvious accitdent as she was slipping at the time. So hopefully we won't get any pulled/fur retaliation scratches!
And the best yet... From 3 months to around 6 months I 'taught' Juliet not to bite. It took 2 months of repitition- If she bit the first time it would be a quick warning then back on, the second time the boob would go away for 30 seconds, the third time it would go away for good. After she stopped biting the third time, boob would go away the second time. Once she stopped biting the second time, one bit and she was done. By the time she was 6 months she would only 'bite' accidentaly while falling asleep if the nipple moved out of her mouth (she was trying to hold it in). ANd she's actually not done that in about a month now. Everyone I know in real life thought I was crazy for doing this, that I was too patient, should have just said no etc.... but it's paid off. She has a tooth coming in. Her gum is red, inflamed, and she has a little white edge. And she hasn't bitten me once!
So I guess the moral of the story is- have petience- they WILL learn!


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