Saturday, September 26, 2009


Yesterday was the Aussie Football Grand Final. I have not been able to watch a game in FOREVER, and there is an Australian group in town I am a member of who got word of a 'final party' in Albany. I figured why not- and off I went. I had a GREAT time and so did Juliet. Met a ton of new Australian people, ate meat pies, had a beer (half), laughed, shouted, traded insults, and just overall had FUN. Juliet had a great time too, which unfortnatly meant that she barely slept. How a child at her age who went to bed a 2am gets up wide awake at 7 beats me (I surely don't want to get up!)
She's almost a year old, so I'm starting to ease up a little on some of the food restrictions I've had (such as no wheat/corn etc). Which means that Juliet had some new foods last night!

4 n 20 Meat pies!!

And a twistie for desert

She was fascinated with the shape of the footy

Everyone got a huge kick out of the fact that Juliet wanted to play bartender, they said it must be her Australian blood.

And then Juliet FINALLY fell asleep around 2am- I'm surprised she slept through the last quarter.... there was a LOT of yelling!!!

Of course the night was made even better by the fact that Geelong won! I feel bad for St Kilda, they have been around 116 years, and only have one flag. But they had their opportunities, and blew it because they could only kick points and not goals.


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