Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Her mothers daughter 

Juliet proved today that she is my daughter through and through. I finally got tired of eating sandwhiches when I got her down at midnight and decided to cook a REAL meal. I made myself a steak and greenbeans. Of course Juliet woke up in the process (Gerard you BETTER use that sling, times like these I miss it!) and was terrible. Whined when I put her down, whined that she wasn't on the boob..... anyway. Food is done, and I sit to eat, latch Juliet on and she's STARING... watching me chew. So I figure I'd give her some, especially seeing as she didn't eat a whole lot at daycare today. She wouldn't let me put her in the highchair or walker, so I just put a little food down on the floor for her- a couple bites of steak and a baby handful of green beans.
She ate the steak, and ignored the green beans.

It gets more amusing.
She then pulls up to standing on the couch... crusies to where I am sitting, and tries to pull my plate off the table. So I bring it down to her level (I always eat what she can eat because she'll often want off my plate). I make sure the green beans are on her side of the plate. She then proceeds to walk AROUND to my knees, reaches OVER the green beans, and attempt to grab the half a steak that was left.
I guess my kid is my daughter and loves herself a good steak!!


Don't you worry! We will! Ashlea and I had it out Labor Day weekend when the in-laws were here. :-)

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