Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Juliet has a new interest in the potty. Last week she was taking that toy caterpillar to the potty, today it was a doll. At home we have the little potty she can sit right on, but while we are out and about I have an insert that goes on a regular toilet. Recently, while we have been places where there is no toilet nearby, I've been putting the insert on the ground for her to sit on if she asks to go. It "lives" in the car so that we always have it when needed, but of course that means that EVERY time we get in the car (even if we were only out of it for 5 mins) she MUST sit on the potty. Today she found the lid of an old wipes container. She took it in the bathroom, and not sure what she was doing with it I investigated, only to find that she had opened the hole, put it on her potty, and sat on it to pee. Wipe Lid with small hole + potty + child = pee all over bathroom floor.
Well, at least she took herself potty when she needed to go!


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