Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I want my showers back. 

Recently Juliet has decided that she wants to take showers with me. While I'm thrilled she wants to spend so much time in my company, I really really really want my showers all to myself again. It used to be that I would take a shower while she ate her breakfast. While this meant plonking her in front of some cartoons, I would get at least 7 mins of blissfully hot cleanness. I could even shave once in a while. I have since been forced into tepid warmness, while trying to keep us both warm. Compounding the issue is the fact that Juliet hates the shower head. I don't get why a child who HATES the spray of water from a shower head INSISTS that she must shower with me, in fact acts like it is the highlight of her day. So instead of getting clean, she stands shivering at the other end of the bathtub, while I shiver in tepid water. I have a removable shower head, so I've tried to teach her that the water is no big deal, by spraying her legs, and then giving her the head to spray my legs, and then trying to get her to spray herself. One top of all this lack of warmness and cleanliness, it also means that she has given up her bath at night. Who the heck wants to take a bath when they had a shower that morning? While I get her reasoning, I loved bath time as she wound down nicely ready for teeth brushing and bed.
So we are cold, not clean enough, I'm sprouting trees on my legs (and i refuse to check my pits), and having trouble going to bed.
I want my shower back!!!!!!!!


I guess you got your showers back...just not how you planned. Hope the basement is sorted out. :(

By Blogger Lyndall, at 5:33 AM  

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