Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cute as a button 

Juliet can be SOOO adorable. Her favorite show right now is Princess and the Frog, we've watching it so many times I've lost count. She is no reinacting the movie AS she watches it. As the frogs fall yelling- she yells, she "runs" away from the stuff chasing them, during the songs she sings along... there is one where the frog Tanan puts her hands above her head and sings a long note- Juliet will stick her arms up and sing (if you can call it sing). She even gets quiet during quiet songs, and loud during loud ones....
But cutest of all.... When Tiana is about to kiss the frog the first time, Juliet leans over for a kiss and then backs away quickly and then leans back again for the kiss- just like the show. And then at the wedding at the end she leans over to kiss me several times- again just like the movie.
It's sooooo cute. And I don't mind the kisses either!


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