Monday, August 23, 2010


Getting ready for our day with Amanda and her kids Dave and Alexa, I was packing out bag- spare pants and diapers, spare shirt, watermelon and crackers to share, hand me down clothes, and of course my camera. Juliet was wearing an outfit I bought her a year ago because it was so damn cute, but they didn't have in the right size at the time. Anyway, knowing she would get filthy (it's been raining for 2 days. Outdoors = wet) I decided to get a cute picture to show off the outfit.
Trying vainly to get a picture while she moved around, I finally told her to "stand still crazy child, I want to take your picture" She tilted her head, came and looked at the camera screen at my last failed attempt, sauntered back to the wall, and POSED. Came back to the camera to see the image I had just snapped. I got a handful of pictures from my pretty model. I'll post them later- when I'm not so bone tired!!!!


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