Monday, March 01, 2010


I'm such a bad blogger. AS people keep reminding me I have not updated here in forever. It's hard to get on and make regular posts when you have a child trying to "help" you type or pushing your hands away from the keyboard because she can do 'all by herself'. Juliet has definitely become little miss independent. She likes to put her own arms in her coat (lord help you if you try and help her), likes to climb on and off the bed, stack her blocks, change the tv station, and most recently- potty. It was pretty funny actually, she took herself to the bathroom, sat on her potty, and peed. Too bad she didn't know to pull down her pants and I had to change them anyway.
Her ears seem to be doing well after the surgery. She has about a gazzillion words now which is great. She's already had one cold and infection so I'm thinking she might have something sinus like going on as to why every freaking cold gives her an infection.
AS for me, I'm feeling a little rudderless now that I am not working. It's nice to get up whenever Juliet wakes, eat with her, take her to daycare to play and head into school to study. I'm enjoying my time being a student, but there are days I just feel a bit empty. I guess it is because I'm not "contributing" to society right now- or maybe its just because I've been running at 200% for so long now that I don't know how to slow down. Anyway, there is so many choices to make for when I graduate. Do I do my PhD? Do I work for a while until Juliet goes to school? What will I do for money? With the house? It's all so up in the air right now.


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