Friday, March 05, 2010

The reason my daughter is a twit. 

Meant in the MOST lovingly way of course!

First we take a bath. Juliet had a grand old time chasing the bar of soap around to tub, every time she grabbed it, it would slip away and she would giggle. Fun. Finally, she managed to grab and hold on and what does she do? Remember those days when you talked back or said a bad word and your elders washed your mouth out with soap? And just how NASTY it was? Juliet bit the soap. I looked at her, a little shocked, and said "Ewww you don't eat that!". And she gave me a look that very clearly said "why?". Head tilt and everything.

Then, I laboriously spent 3 mins getting her hair all wet without getting a DROP of water in her ears. I soap her up, shampoo the hair, then laboriously spend the next 6 mins rinsing the shampoo out without getting any water in her ears. YES success! What does the twit- I mean my darling daughter do? Spend the next 10 mins working out how to dump water over her head getting an ENTIRE cup in the medicated ear. *sigh*


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