Thursday, June 04, 2009

She's an animal 

My daughter that is. She's actually a ton of different animals.
-In the bathtub she's a bird- putting her arms and legs as high in the air as she can get them, while laying on her tummy- trying to make herself move by sheer force of will.
-Since one of her lower teeth has starting cutting through the gums she's been a snake- sticking her tounge out, touching chin, touching nose, touching chin... like shes smelling the air with her tounge. Of couse she thinks it's hysterical when I copy her (I didn't think it was quite as hysterical when I was doing too close and she promptly tried to eat my tounge- yes I got french kissed by my own daughter- I now keep a safe distance!)
-On the floor she's a lizard, using the 'sticky' palms of her hands to pull herself forward instead of learning to crawl. (My mum gave me a great trick ie take the rest of her clothes of she she'll stick... but I'm not ready for her to crawl yet....)
-In bed at night she's a fish. You know the kind that swim through the water with their mouths open collecting plankton. She lays in bed asleep wiggling around with her mouth wide open blindly seeking... head this way and that... slightly grunting until she finds the nipple, latches on, and sighs back into a deep slumber.
-And of course she's a cat. You know- the one that curiosity killed ;)


Awwww, what a sweet way to describe her! That's really cool.

Alexander did that army crawl from 7 to 11 months and got pretty quick with it. She might surprise you!

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