Monday, June 01, 2009

Poor Juliet... it's been a rough week for her. She's finally cut a tooth so she's not in as much pain. However she is now working herself into a frenzy trying to crawl. The poor mite can't get any sleep. Even when she is nursing her little legs start going crazy. When she is trying to go to sleep, her little eyes will drift close, and then both legs will start cycling. If she's on her tummy, her little bottom will start popping into the air. Her eyes will fly open, and the whole world is there. It doesn't help that she's more interactive with the world, and even blankets are great toys. The cats are not helping this process talking to Juliet and I the second she closes her eyes, and she's fascinated with them so of course she has to see.
Once she goes to sleep she's sleeping great though- last night she went 6 hours!


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