Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Disney Day 2 and Trip home 

Disney world was... well Disney. Waaayyyy too hot and crowded. Actually I think that Disney Land is much nicer than world. The weather is not so oppressivly muggy, and the park just seems so much less crowded. Like the entry for "it's a small world" ran along a building at World while at land there is a nice park like entry. Most of the rides are like that- it seems that Disney Land is much bigger and pleasanter- Disney World seems all crammed together. Overall we had a good time, although we didn't get to get on splash mountain because the ride broke right as we got in the fast pass line (in spite of waiting around the park for 2 hours for our fast pass time). We also didn't get to meet Mickey- I wasn't getting in line for an hour for an infant to have her picture taken with mickey.
Overall I have to say that I was very happy with the hotel. Staying "on site" has it's perks- my favorite being that I could shop and have my packages sent directly to the hotel- no carrying stuff!!
Juliet was great on the ride home (as she always is). The highlight of the ride was at our layover in DC. We had a couple hour layover and decided to have some lunch. I plopped Juliet in a highchair and was feeding her banana. A gentleman at another table noticed that she kept scooting forward, and then leaning waaay back, and offered his pillow to put behind her back. I declined at first saying it would get covered in banana, but he insisted and said that if the pillow could survive Iraq it could survive my banana. Turns out he was an airforce man on a 3 week vacation from Iraq. We chatted for a bit, and when it was time to leave he wanted a picture with my daughter (who was COVERED). I gave them my email so I'll post the picture when I recieve it. He also insisted we take the pillow home, so we currently have it on the floor in the living room where Juliet loves to play with it.


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