Monday, June 08, 2009

Disney Day 1 

We arrived in Florida on Saturday evening. The flight was pretty uneventful except for getting stuck in Washington for an hour due to storms in Florida. Of course we got stuck AFTER we had taxied from the gate *sigh*. The hotel (Regal Sun) is actually pretty nice. THere were so many bad reviews of this place, but so far I've been really impressed. Gerard and his wife Ashley (I think I spelled that wrong- I think it's Ashlie... but I'm unsure) came up from where they live for dinner. In spite of my absolute exhaustion (I didn't manage to sleep on the plane and had only had 3 hours sleep the night before) we wandered around downtown disney, shopping for gifts and ate at the Earl of Sandwhich- YUMMMMM. Gerard and Ashlie(ey) decied to stay the night and we all went to Hollywood Studios yesterday.
There I met up with some internet friends of mine, Matt, Bethany, Their three girls and Robbie. We hung out for the morning, and then after lunch went our own way. Highlight of the day was the ToyStory ride.... that was AWSOME... thank god Robbie got us fast passes- the wait was OVER an hour! At lunch, Robbie held Juliet, and I think it was the first baby he'd ever held... he was terrified! It was petty funny. It certainly didn't help that she was overtired and wanted mummy and started crying... poor guy!

Gerard and Ashlea (see I knew I'd got it wrong earlier!


It was so great to see you all! What a great 24 hours!

Hope you got back in and are well.

And people get her name wrong all the time so don't worry about it. It's actually "Ashlea" but I call her my Baby. :-)

By Blogger Gerard, at 9:11 PM  

Wow it looks like you guys had heaps of the pants of sand dinosaurs. haha

MWA Lyndall

By Anonymous Lyndall, at 3:11 AM  

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