Friday, May 22, 2009


I'm so close to being done with school... so freaking close.... and nothing is lining up. Both Anthropology and History have told me that my GPA dropped too low to graduate with honors. However, the grades have not been fixed. My History thesis took so long that the grade rolled to E's, which brings down my GPA. If those are fixed I'm POSITIVE that I'll still qualify, especially seeing as I got a B for my Anthro thesis, and an A and B this semester... But not knowing is a pain, espeically seeing as I HAVE to get my degree over the summer to get any funding for next semester, and ESPECIALLY because I want to use my funding to live for a few months so I can not work and just study and get my MA DONE.
If there was a pulling-my-hair-out symbol I'd put it here.


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