Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two in one day 

So today was a GREAT day. No Juliet didn't STTN (sleep through the night), in fact her naps were terrible today (the phone and doorbell kept waking her), we're both still sick and have coughs but it was still a great day. Why? Well I called the Pedi this AM about Juliets cough. It's just a cold, but I wanted to find out anything I needed to watch out for to indicate that it was more than just a cold. The Pedi informed me that I was one of her favorite mums, because I didn't stress the little things, because I was breastfeeding, and because I was a supermum for doing it all alone! And then I had a mum, who just came back to work after having her LO. She made a comment to a coworker that she was soo stressed and feeling like a failure, and then she said that she shouldn't complain because she had someone to help her (he husband) and that she had nooo idea how I do it and that I am an amazing person for being able to do it all and be positive.
So YAY to compliments!


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