Friday, April 10, 2009

I missed it 

When I dropped Juliet off at Amy's today I was doing our usual "hand off" report (did she nap, did she eat etc) and told Amy how fussy she's been the last couple of days and that she seems almost ready to roll from back to front as she keeps trying. Amy looked at me and said "Oh she's been doing that for a while now".
well drat- I guess I missed it! She's never done it at home, but I guess she rolls to her tummy to go to sleep at Amy's.... imagine that.


I'm happy that shes growing so healthy and strong, although remember what i said on the phone, there are things that you will miss? these things wont come back around ever again, whats worth more, seeing juliet grow up, or some piece of paper that may or may not make things better financially. Thats Johns responsibility now...

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