Friday, March 20, 2009

Yummy Yummy 

So in spite of all the best intentions Juliet has decided she WANTS to eat. It's not about nutrition at this point- she just wants to do what mummy is doing. I've held off as long as I could, but all the signs are there- she's sucking in her bottom lip (showing the ability to suck from a spoon), her tounge thrust is almost gone (showing she won't push out food), she can hold her head up, she's grabbing at things, she's watching me eat. So I gave in- I'm sure it won't be the last time I do so. We bought a jar of carrots (I figure she's sucked on a hard carrot so might as well!) and tonight we had 3 spoonfulls of food... after I had breastfed her several times of course (so I knew she was full- so as not to impact my supply).
She LOVED carrots. Which is why she got 3 spponfulls instead of the intend one. A lot of it came out of course, but a good deal got swallowed. So... I guess she really was ready.


This is cute :-)

I have a similar photo of you, a bit younger...and you were being fed carrots, too. You weren't nearly as happy as Juliet appears to be!

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