Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Best 

I have the BEST daughter. Yeah I know I am biased but still. I have a work friend (Kara) who not family oriented in the least. She's one of those people who will probabley never have kids and be very happy about it. These days I am used to getting compliments on Juliet- how pretty she is, or how good she is. Last night Kara surprised me by telling me that I had an amazing daughter. After I said thanks, she said 'In fact she's so cute and wonderful she almost makes me want one!'.
Talk about surprising!
Not only is she cute and adorable, she's also a GREAT sleeper for me. She's got a wonderful routine. Most days she's out for the night at 9pm and gets up after 8, usually after I've dropped her off to Amy's on Tues and Wed. And on Sat, after I work the overnight she'll sleep with me until almost 3pm, even after sleeping all night at Connies. Of course she still wakes up at night to eat, but she eats and then goes back to sleep. There are days that I feel tired, but it's going well!


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