Wednesday, January 28, 2009


There is an angel watching over my shoulder. The roads were REALLY bad on the way to work today. 3 inches on the ground and they'd salted, but not plowed, which means it was 3 inches of SLUSH. I was slipping and slidding all over the place, so I was driving really really slow. Anyway, after I had dropped Juliet off at daycare I was driving down the road and I must have hot a pile of slush or ice or something because out of nowhere I lost control. I spun a full 360 and then another 180 ending up facing the wrong way on the opposite side of the street. Thank GOD no one was near me to hit me. Usually I can steer out of it when I start to slip in bad weather (Jon taught me SOMETHING good) but no amount of steering helped... so I took my foot off all pedals, and just let myself go. Nothing I could do. Thankfully Juliet was NOT in the car. I had only been going 25, so I slowed down even more and was driving 10/15 when I spun out a SECOND time on the ramp getting on to 87 South. I almost skidded all the way off the ramp and over the edge. Again I got REALLY lucky and no one hit me. This time I'd tapped my brakes to slow down on the ramp... stupid stupid. NEVER tap your breaks when driving in snow. I was able to do a three point turn and continue to work. Needless to say- I drove about 5 the rest of the way and was REALLY late.


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