Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well it's been a while since I have posted. Juliet keeps me busy, and I am finally getting out more. She's actually a bit fussy today, and sounds a bit nasally, so I am worried that she is getting a cold. We'll have to wait and see.
So lets see... what's been happening?
My mum came to visit. It was nice, but I worry. I know my Mum reads this, so I won't say much- I said what I felt I needed to say to her, and I hope her future plan works, for her own sake, and the sake of my daughter. Anyway, the visit was nice, and I got my thesis retyped (thanks mum!). I got a bit "visited out" over Thanksgiving. So many people, so much advice.
We had an icestorm the two nights ago- 2 inches of ice- causing havoc on the roads and the power system. I lost power about 3am. I figured they would have it on soon and that Juliet and I would just snuggle under the covers until it did. Around 11.30 I started feeling distinctly chilly, and so check the thermometer- It was 55 in the house. I knew I couldn't stay there any longer so I called all my friends (none of whom had power either), when a friend who lives and hour away called and said he was running heat on his generator I told him I'd be right there. It's over an hour to his house, Juliet is sleepy soundly, when my car starts to shake violently. I pull over, and I've blown the sidewall out on my tire- and I'm in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone service. Of course, this is the moment Juliet starts to cry. Luckily a nearby farm was running a generator and they let me come in, use the phone and feed Juliet. I get to my friends house, and he gets me a new tire.
I get a hold of my neighbour to see if we have power yet, and he says it won't be until Tuesday. I didn't leave the house with enough supplies for that long and I'm again panicking. But then my neighbour says he has a generator running now, and that I can plug my upstairs gas heater into it. So with new tire on, I head home again to get the heat on. It's food time when I get home, so I change Juliets diaper, and feed her to sleep, and put her in the crib (with a bunch of blankets to keep the warmth in) and attempt to get my heat and fridge plugged in before it's too dark to see. Unfortunatly, my cord got tangled and then it didn't want to work, and the tempreture in the hosue is falling steadily.
Of course Juliet wakes up and starts to howl again. I pick her up, check the diaper, attempt to feed again (she refused), attempt to burp, and then put her back down. She cried again. At that point I had to just leave her crying becuase I HAD to get us heat. It broke my heart, and I kept talking to her, trying to let her know I was there but couldn't pick her up. Of course the more she cried, the more stressed I got and the longer it seemed to take. Of course it was slippery, and I slid down my front steps... you should see the bruise on my tuchas (ass). My shoulder and back hurt too.
Luckily the power came back on yesterday, and by about 8pm the house was warm again.

Lets see, Juliet has learned to roll onto her tummy, but can't yet roll back of course. Ho boy. She also found her fist today and was sucking on it. I'm not sure if I am excited about this or not. It will give my nipples a rest when she wants to 'comfort nurse', but it's a habit I will have to break later. Anyway, well have to see.


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