Saturday, December 20, 2008

Steriods Suck 

You never forget how much steriods wreck your body... but you tend to forget the overall gucky FEELING that steriods give you. Your exhausted, but have so much ENERGY you can't sit still. Apparently I was whiter then the snow and just as unsteady. I had a killer headache, and felt nauseated, but wanted to eat everything in sight. I was somewhat productive, I reorganized my living room. I moved the two big bookshelves into the library, and put the TV in that spot, then I moved my desk to where the TV was. I made a "sitting area" in the back near the fish tanks where I put the two shorter bookcases, and put the other couch in front of the TV. The whole purpose was to get stuff away from the walls a bit and open up the heating vents- seeing as the couches were blocking all of the heat. I got two of three vents unblocked, the one between the fish tanks is still blocked by the couch, I may move that to where the short bookcases are.... put the bookcases where the rocking chair is (behind the tv couch), and put the rocking chair under the window..... but it might look funny. Never mind... another day.

Before and After pictures:


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