Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Observations 

I can't believe that Juliet is almost 2 months old! She's growing so fast... and I have to go back to work :( She looks more and more like her father- at least in the face. She seems to have kept the blue eyes, at least for now, and she has a redness to his cheeks, which could either be from the acne/dryness or from him. I also think she has his ears- they flare out at the tops- mine don't do that. Overall though, she is a LOT like me. Her hair gets a kink in it when it dries from wet... so it might be curly like mine.
She's doing really well.... she's TRYING to roll over from her stomach, and though she won't do it for a while, she sure is trying. She's fascinated by the objects on her gym mat- eyes wide open and staring. She's still not reaching yet, but she does grab at stuff if I put it in her hands. I've been making her "pat" the cats, and she seems fascinated by them. Thankfully she hasn't tried to grab their fur, and they have been very patient. Her first smile was for Ninja, which was pretty cute. Maybe I'll get one next. She's following things with her eyes- if I move an object from left to right she follows it, although she still doesn't turn her head for sound. She's also scooting now. She'll lift her bottom up like a cat stretching when she's on her belly and use her feet to push herself. She doesn't go far yet. She also has benn scooting on her side in bed. If I roll away from her, she'll wiggle until she's right next to me again. Last night I got up to pump and she scooted a good 2 inches looking for me. Note to self: leave my sleepwear next to her before I get out of bed!
As for me, I'm doing ok. The leg is starting to feel better, much less pain. The steriod side effects were not as severe- maybe because we split up the doses. I still had the skin sensitivity, and the headaches... but I only fainted once (thank god I wasn't holding Juliet!). I'm sleeping ok, but I still feel drained.


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