Monday, December 01, 2008


So my family has this facination with farts. We all think farts are funny. (Of course they are!) The night after Thanksgiving we all got together for pizza and we were sharing our embaressing fart stories (My uncle getting blamed for my aunts farts, metal chairs, SBD etc). The next morning we went to temple for Juliet's Hebrew naming ceremony. During the service there is a silent prayer.
Picture this... A congregation of about 50. All silent. No movement. Suddenly a long LOUD fart.
It was Juliet. She's 3 weeks old and already has her own embarressing fart story.

Edit: just for Lyndall, her Hebrew name is Yichaela after my Gradfather :)


Ahhh, FARTS must be why we are such good do i get to know this hebrew name? or does it just dedicate her name to her?
Much love to you both. xx

By Anonymous Lyndall, at 6:24 AM  

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