Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well we both slept well last night. I wonder if thats why I feel so tired today. Something I ate has given Juliet gas so she's a bit cranky today, but not too bad. Her umbilical stump is also a little loose and I ran out of papmers and had to use huggies (which go higher up on her tummy) so she was really irritated. Pumping didn't hurt so bad today, so I suppose I just had to toughen up. We go see the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully everything is as good as I think it is. Her eye is still goopy, but I try and keep it clean.
Oh- she definatly has my feet. She's even got the little toe that turns sideways under the next toe just like I have! And it looks more and more like she's going to have blue eyes.
And she's REALLY strong. I put her on her belly on my chest and she lifted her head for about 30 seconds. And then she scooted herself all the way from between my breasts to my shoulder. I need to get one of those gym thingies so we can have more tummy time. She's also awake more often now so I want to make sure she's getting enough interaction to make her a smart cookie. She's also learning about sucking her thumb. Night before last she sucked it for a few seconds- I thought it was a fluke, but she did it again last night. She's not coordinated enough to get it in her mouth when she wants to comfort herself (she still uses my breast for that), but if she gets it near her mouth she's worked out she can suck on it.


Hello Ladies!
I dont have much to say or comment but just wanted to tell you that I think you are both great! I love reading your stories and well its all pretty fun! blah blah blah hugs and kisses to you shit head...and I guess you have another smelly poo bumb in your life now haha...ill just be stinky
Love to you!

By Anonymous Lyndall, at 2:17 AM  

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