Sunday, November 23, 2008

The last couple of days Juliet and I have been out and about. Yesterday we went and had lunch at Kathryns house and then spent the evening at Katrina McCabe's. Kathryns kids were so facinated by Juliet. I even felt a little awkward feeding her with a 3 year old and 5 year old trying to peer around the blanket at Juliet on my breast. Juliet didn't sleep much there either. I am not sure if it was the noise from the kids or the fact that she was just awake. Trina's cats were just as freaked out by her as mine are- or at least one of them was.
Speaking of Cats, I busted Ninja sleeping in the Bassinet. I tossed him out (after I took a picture), and he came back to the bed. Juliet got fussy and cried, and Ninja disapeared. When I settled her down, I found him again- back in the Bassinet. I put some blankets over it blocking him from jumping in.... I found him today crawled under the blankets. *sigh* I think my next step is to put clothing that smells like her in there and maybe he won't like it anymore. The good news about it, is that I put Juliet in her crib instead of in the Bassinet for her naps today. I don't want her in the Bassinet if Ninja is going to jump in there. At least the crib is to high for them.
Today I had breakfast with Cori- one of the girls from my Lamaze class. It was fun comparing birth stories and babies. Her son in named Gavin and we joked that Juliet and Gavin were on their first date. Of course, Gavin slept all morning and Juliet wanted to nurse every 10-20 mins. I spent most of the morning with a blanket over my shoulder and her nursing. Thankfully I'm not so shy that I can't nurse in public, though the fact that Juliet hates anything over her face makes for ineresting times when she is nursing with a blanket over her. She doesn't know what to make of it- kept trying to push it away, but didn't freak out because she was too busy eating.
Mum arrives tomorrow. Juliet slept long enough this PM for me to pick up the house, get the garbage out, fold the clothes and get the dishes in the dishwaher. Tomorrow AM I need to clean out the car, and then maybe even vaccume and mop. Or wipe down the counters. But the house looks good so we'll see :)


What a pesky cat you have. Make sure she doesnt catch that thing that cats can give babies - what ever it is.
What is the deal with the blanket thing - i dont ever rememebr women putting a blanket over when i was a kid..hmmm

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