Friday, November 07, 2008

Home Day 2 

Slept failry well again last night. Juliet is up every couple of hours, but falls asleep pretty quickly once she feeds. Unfortunatly she's pooping a lot more now and she wakes up when I try and change her and wants to feed again.
I did two loads of laundry today- I still have to fold and put it away but I guess I feel good seeing as I washed them. I also emptied the dishwasher.
My outing for the day was a quick one- I went to the courthouse and filed the custody/child support papers. I still don't know if I am doing the right thing, but I know that I have to do the right thing for Juliet and that means I have to face him. Maybe when he sees how amazing she is he'll become interested and be a part of her life. Maybe not- it will be easier for me if he doesn't. We will just have to see.


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